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The Towers project was a project I set myself during the lockdown in the UK in 2020, creating intriguing still life totems with items I had around the home.


The Esoteric London portfolio contains some of the images from my blog of the same name. Running for four years it attempted to draw connections between London now and London then, illuminating the correspondences between the city’s past and present by combining my modern day photos with archival text, often in a quirky, humorous way. My favourite posts were subsequently self-published in book form in 2013.

a5f8 is an occasional photographic fanzine produced by myself and Chris Thomson of design agency Studiothomson. A visual stimulation, each issue focuses on one subject and is produced in a limited print run of 500, each of which is hand numbered and signed. Volume 1 was a celebration of London's street art and Volume 2 was on the capitals typography.

The Instagram portfolio gives you a glimpse into my 21st Century version of a sketchbook, ideas to be played with, images to be toyed with.

Fashion CSM are a selection of images from recent work with the students on the Central Saint Martins Fashion and Textiles Foundation in Art and Design 2018/2019

Fashion LCF are images from my work with the students on the London College of Fashion 

The Recent Commissions portfolio shows a selection of images supplied to clients such as Studiothomson, MusicVidFest, the UK Music Video Awards, Candid, HIVE, WD, and Luxury Publishing.

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