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During Brighton Photo Fringe 2018 I had two exhibitions. One featured examples of my Window Shopping series and was shown in the mid-century loveliness that is the shop Room Service in Kemptown, Brighton. The other was a more guerrilla affair and involved my fly-posting a poster design around the streets of the Hanover district of Brighton.


Displacement was an exhibition of scanned Polaroid SX70 images printed large on Somerset White watercolour paper thereby enhancing the images painterly quality. The exhibition opened in the UK and subsequently moved to Europe and the USA.

Construse was a collaboration between myself and Rob Watts. I supplied the photographic prints for Rob to use as A1 size canvases for an exploration of Brutalism.


Don't Leave Me This Way was an exhibition exploring feelings about Brexit from the perspective of artists from the UK and Greece. It was held at The Stash Gallery in London during November 2019.

Windows On The World - ‘inside looking out/outside looking in’ was a mail art project at Velorose Gallery London in conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture and ran from 4th June 2020 - 30th June 2020

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